Teaching and learning technologies:

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It was reported at the TLSG meeting on 30 May 2017 that there is a significant move by publishers towards the development of custom digital publications, accompanying assessment resources and other innovative solutions such as online laboratories.

There are also major changes that could affect the way libraries operate with a focus on e-books rather than hard copy books. In light of these developments, the Director for e-Learning at the University of Pretoria was invited to address the TLSG at its meeting held on 21 September 2017, on the different models major publishers are using to shape the next generation learning environment and the delivery of digital content. The main message was that digitising books and other study material will have far-reaching implications for universities. In their quest to stimulate discussions at institutions and to look more closely at the implications of these developments on institutions’ costing models, libraries, learning spaces, and also for students’ learning experiences, the TLSG will prepare a discussion document to be shared with DVCs Academic in the near future.

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