Our Communities of Practice (CoPs) are forums comprising of specialist professionals from various disciplines pertinent to running a university.

These groups meet on a regular basis to share knowledge and information, to network and foster collaboration of public universities on national initiatives, and to support one another by discussing common concerns and devising collective solutions for specific problems.

The CoPs help us stay abreast of trends and issues in key areas which, in part, influence our strategies. CoPs make recommendations on various matters to the strategy groups which, in turn, report to the Board.

Communities of Practice – 2022

  • Community of Practice for the Teaching and Learning of African Languages (CoPAL)  – Professor Langa Khumalo (Chairperson – North-West University); Professor Nokhanyo Mdzanga (Deputy Chairperson – Nelson Mandela University)
  • Community of Practice for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Community of Practice (TLM CoP)– Dr Pragashni Padayachee (Chairperson–University of Cape Town); Professor Alfred Msomi (Deputy Chairperson – Mangosuthu University of Technology)
  • Skills Development Facilitators’ Forum (SDF) – Mrs Juanita Burjins (Chairperson – University of the Free State) Mr Stephen Tsebela (Deputy Chairperson – Nelson Mandela University)
  • Human Resource Directors’ Forum (HRD) – Dr Kgomotso Kasonkola (Chairperson – University of the Witwatersrand)
  • Finance Executives’ Forum (FEF) – Mr Manie Regal (Chairperson – University of the Western Cape); Mr Hardy Maritz (Deputy Chairperson – University of Cape Town)
  • Transformation Managers’ Forum (TMF) – Mr George Mvalo (Chairperson – Vaal University of Technology)
  • Education Deans’ Forum (EDF) – Professor Chika Sehoole (Chairperson – University of Pretoria)
  • Registrars’ Forum – Professor Adele Moodley (Chairperson – Rhodes University)
  • Community of Practice on Postgraduate Education and Scholarship (CoP PGES)Professor Stephanie Burton (Interim Chairperson –University of Pretoria)