Universities South Africa performs its functions at various levels: at the macro level through its governance structures such as the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Advisory Structures. At the micro level, Universities South Africa functions through an office located in Pretoria.

Representatives of South Africa’s public universities play a vital role in the governance structures of Universities South Africa. Here they contribute to the sound, transparent and effective functioning of the organisation.

Audit and Risk Committee

This committee reviews the integrity of all major risks and internal control systems. It oversees:

  • Financial reporting;
  • Systems of internal control and management of financial risk; and
  • Processes of audit and monitoring compliance with financial laws and regulations

Members (2022):

  • Mr Saleem Kharwa – Chairperson, Durban University of Technology
  • Ms Faiza Majiet – Stellenbosch University
  • Mr Shai Makgoba – University of Cape Town
  • Prof Wim de Villiers – Stellenbosch University
  • Mr Charles Matumba – University of the Witwatersrand

Finance and Investment Committee

This committee oversees Universities South Africa’s financial strategy and policy and the establishment and performance of internal controls at the office’s operational level. It also ensures overall compliance with the investment strategy as approved by the Board.

Members (2022):

  • Prof Wim de Villiers – Chairperson, Stellenbosch University
  • Prof Carolina Koornhof – University of Pretoria
  • Mr Manie Regal – University of the Western Cape
  • Ms Amanda Kort – University of the Witwatersrand
  • Dr Phethiwe Matutu – Universities SA (ex officio member)

Human Resources and Remuneration Committee

This committee oversees Universities South Africa’s HR strategy and policy. Its responsibilities are to:

  • Establish and maintain policy for competitive, fair, equitable and market-related compensation policies;
  • Plan to attract, motivate and retain talent;
  • Review annual remuneration packages of Universities South Africa employees and recommends adjustments where necessary; and
  • Advise the Board on any human resources related matters within the Universities South Africa Office.

Members (2022):

  • Prof Xoliswa Mtose – Chairperson, University of Zululand
  • Ms Mokuele Moretlo – Tshwane University of Technology
  • Dr Kgomotso Kasonkola – University of Witwatersrand
  • Mr Victor Mothobi – Stellenbosch University
  • Dr Phethiwe Matutu – Universities SA (ex officio member)

Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board Committee

This is the only committee with a statutory function. This Committee advises not only the Board but also the Minister of Higher Education and Training on the regulation of minimum requirements for admission into higher education.

Its responsibilities are to:

Develop and maintain optimal strategies of admissions regulation in the transition period between the current Senior Certificate and the future National Senior Certificate;
Monitor and report on system readiness, enrolment trends, policies and ‘best practice’ benchmarking and equivalence setting activities;
Approve the budget and annual financial statements of the Universities South Africa Higher Education and Enrolment Programme; and
Recommend exemption certification application fees to the Board for approval.

Members (2022):

  • Chairperson, position vacant.
  • Mr Hugh Amoore – Acting Chairperson, Matriculation Board Committee – Retired Registrar & Consultant
  • Dr Dan Mokoena – Vaal University of Technology
  • Prof Cheryl Foxcroft – Nelson Mandela University
  • Prof Kwena Masha – University of Limpopo
  • Ms Carol Crosley – University of the Witwatersrand
  • Prof Kinta IC Burger – University of Johannesburg
  • Ms Cila Myburgh – University of Pretoria
  • Prof Sarah Howie – Stellenbosch University
  • Dr Mafu Rakometsi – Observer from SAQA
  • Ms Shirley Ferndale – Observer from Private HE Institutions
  • Dr Michael Mushaathoni – THENSA
  • Dr Linda Meyer -Universities South Africa

Legal Advisory Committee

In addition to the above Governance Committees, the Board constituted a Legal Advisory Committee whose purpose it is to provide legal advice and/or input to Universities South Africa to respond to legislation, regulations and policies affecting the university sector. The Committee reviews the legislation and policies with implications for the universities sector, and provides inputs and comments to the organisation in order to enable the latter to effectively promote the interests of the sector and fulfill advocacy and related responsibilities.

Members (2022):

  • Prof Rushiella Songca – Chairperson, Walter Sisulu University
  • Mr Hugh Amoore – Retired Registrar
  • Mr Gerhard Lipp – Stellenbosch University
  • Mr James Botha – North-West University
  • Ms Nita Lawton-Misra – University of the Western Cape
  • Prof Caroline Nicholson – University of Pretoria
  • Mr Edgar de Koker – Nelson Mandela University
  • Mr Shervaan Rajie – University of the Western Cape
  • Mr Deochund Mothilall – University of Zululand
  • Dr Phethiwe Matutu – Universities SA (ex officio member)