Strategic Framework 2015-2019 promotes interests of South African Universities

Universities play a key role in the intellectual life of South Africa. They have a huge impact on the social, economic and cultural well-being of our nation.

The Strategic Framework for Universities South Africa, 2015-2019 articulates how Universities South Africa will promote the interests of South African universities; the key objectives that will help us achieve our broader mission as an organisation and the set of actions that Universities South Africa will undertake to realise these goals and objectives.

What is our Purpose?

According to the Strategic Framework for 2015-2019, Universities South Africa is tasked with ensuring that:

  • Quality teaching takes place in our institutions;
  • Adequate resources are allocated to universities;
  • Deserving students gain access to our universities regardless of their social, cultural and economic background;
  • Universities contribute significantly to the socio-economic and cultural development of South Africa;
  • Our Higher Education policy is evidence-based, informed by research of the highest quality;
  • Our university sector is sufficiently internationalised to benefit from a mobile global student and academic talent pool; and
  • South Africa understands the value of universities in the economy.

Our Goals

Goal 1: Inform and influence the future policy agenda to be favourable for the South African universities.
Goal 2: Develop, and contribute to, policy positions on higher education matters to strengthen teaching and learning, research and community engagement activities.
Goal 3: Support South Africa’s universities to effectively perform their core functions of teaching and learning, research and community engagement.
Goal 4: Provide value-adding services to member institutions.
Goal 5: Build and strengthen collaboration between Universities South Africa and key stakeholders, including government, parliament, business, the science community and international partners.
Goal 6: Support the internationalisation agenda of South Africa’s universities.