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Implementation in 2018 of the transformation barometer in public universities: the Transformation Barometer is essentially a self-monitoring and reporting tool that enables institutions to set transformation performance indicators and report progress against these, thus facilitating sector compliance in this regard across the board. The Transformation Strategy Group (TSG) has been leading on this project.

Following an extended period of development, a proposed transformation barometer was presented to the USAf Board in March 2017. The Board approved the tool and proposed that it be presented to institutions for comment. The Transformation Managers’ Forum undertook to table the barometer at meetings of university executives for wide understanding and acceptance. While some institutions have started implementing the barometer, it is envisaged that the tool will be implemented more widely from 2018. Meanwhile, the DHET has made a provision in the Higher Education Act to establish a Transformation Oversight Committee (TOC) whose mandate will be to determine transformation policy (including transformation targets) and transformation oversight mechanisms. USAf deems the establishment of the TOC opportune. It underlines the need for collaboration between the TSG and the  TOC, to give effect to the transformation provisions in the Act. This will entail advocating for the recognition of the Transformation Barometer as an effective self-regulatory tool for universities.

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