Universities must prepare themselves for the future

31-10-17 USAf 0 comment

Beginning at this year’s USAf Board Workshop in June, a number of important explorations were put in place to understand how the university sector may respond to big changes taking place in the higher education environment, both locally and globally. One of the most important amongst these is that USAf will establish a fifth strategy group that will focus on the vast changes taking place in the world of work; some due to the enormous implications of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, etc. and others due to the unfolding of sociological and organisational changes such as the so-called gig-economy, the casualisation of labour, changes to the 40-hour working week, the shift to alternative career routes, etc.

This strategy group will also focus on the creation of theory-praxis nexuses to enhance learning and to generate knowledge about graduate destinations and the study of graduate destinations. It is envisaged that this strategy group will be constituted early in 2018.

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