What we’re learning about our university students

03-04-18 USAf 0 comment

The three-part series of publications titled Understanding Students — published in March, October and November, 2018, shares findings from a set of surveys of students, and to an extent, lecturers, at our public universities. It is aimed at improving our understanding of the kind of students we are enrolling at our institutions and what it is that they bring into the higher education environment — thereby helping us to design that environment better to match their needs.

These publications on student engagement are arising out of a partnership between Universities SA (USAf) and the University of the Free State’s Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Click below to see all three editions in this series.


Click here for the cover note… 

Click here for Understanding Students: A Key to Systemic Success.

Click here for Understanding Students: Putting Students at the Centre of Institutional Design.

Click here for Understanding Students: Enabling Quality Learning.